In 2018, I led the content strategy for Fiesta San Antonio—a major brand opportunity for Uber’s Texas market.

As the Official Ride of Fiesta, drivers and festival-goers who used Uber received exclusive access to convenient pickup and dropoff areas. For Fiesta, our goals were to create content that supported Uber’s brand and safety reputation by attracting new customers (drivers and riders), and to create a positive experience for the existing customer base. This was achieved by putting a localized, friendly voice to an omnichannel content plan that educated customers on important event details.


  • App (geo-targeted + broad)

  • Blog

  • Email (lifecycle, geo-targeted, promotional, + newsletter)

  • SMS

  • Social

  • Web

Fun fact: I came up with our tagline, Getting there is half the Fiesta, which appeared on all event collateral.


As the lead creative and project owner, I was heavily involved with stakeholder management and content production and distribution. I worked with several stakeholders—the subregional content team, Marketing Legal, local operations and marketing teams, US + Canada Blog team, subregional leadership, and local Greenlight Hub (physical support center), managers—to bring this campaign to life.

I leaned on my organizational abilities to keep project deadlines on track and bring visibility to stakeholder deliverables. View my complete project plan here.

Key roles: project manager, lead content strategist, copywriter, copyeditor, and producer.

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